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The MaTaCoS project aims to identify new materials, techniques and methodologies aimed at the conservation and restoration of marine sites in their natural environment. Nano-materials are the advanced materials par excellence, thanks to their multi-functional characteristics and their high performance capabilities.

In particular, precisely the use of these technologies would represent a new opportunity for the conservation of the historical-archaeological heritage in the marine environment.

The most recent orientations of the scientific world and international protection bodies in the field of Cultural Heritage agree in wanting to enhance, protect and preserve in situ, where possible, the archaeological and historical underwater heritage. The use of this technology would allow the opening of a new channel in scientific terms but above all in terms of the market in the field of safeguarding cultural heritage.

The results of this project can represent an opportunity to enhance archaeological areas that are unknown to date and, at the same time, would have important economic repercussions in the areas where these assets are located. Furthermore, as the technologies and application methods in this area are still at their beginning, the proposing company could become a leader in the market sector at local level but also in Europe.

Expected results
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