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All the products will be integrated by a monitoring system which, thanks to the acquisition and transmission of images via internet, together with environmental parameters, will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the restoration interventions over time. This monitoring system will be an effective tool for the scheduled maintenance of submerged archaeological sites.

As a whole, the monitoring system must consist of:

1. Remote electronic underwater devices, positioned near the artifacts, dedicated to the acquisition of images of the artifacts themselves and of the environmental parameters;

2. Remote management platform through which the operator will be able to:

• interact with remote devices;

• assess the state of "biodeterioration" of the building by exploiting an automatic processing, through appropriate color indices, of the time series of the images of the artefacts;

• to correlate the formation of "biodeteriogenic" agents with the environmental conditions present in a given testing site;

• manage the configuration and parameters of the testing sites.

3. Communication devices.

Therefore, the aim is to create an integrated system of hardware/software technologies capable of providing indications:

• on the "biodeterioration" status of the surface of the "treated" artefacts with mortar following cleaning performed with the aid of the electric tool;

• on the correlation between environmental parameters (temperature, brightness, etc.) and the formation of "biodeteriogenic" agents.

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