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After the development of innovative products, a precise experimentation activity will be developed which will see the creation of two series of specimens composed of different mixtures of mortars: the first series will consist of specimens consisting of only binder and aggregate, while the second series will be will consist of mixtures with additives and biocides. The objective of this activity will be to test, experimentally, the quality and consistency of the mixtures by observing the effects of degrading actions on the formulated materials.

The performance of each dough will be evaluated, taking into account the ease of use and dispersion of the material in water during and immediately after application.

Subsequently, the effectiveness of the formulations in terms of resistance to the aggression of biofouling will be evaluated.

Based on the results obtained, a specific intervention protocol will be coded.

The area of experimentation will be the underwater site of Castrum Novum, in Capo Linaro in the Municipality of Santa Marinella (Rome).

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